Availability of Sam’s Pub Quiz

Because Sam’s Pub Quiz has multiple quizmasters, we can provide multiple quizzes at the same time. Due to this, calling us is your best option. If there really isn’t any space left, you can always choose to present your own quiz during your team outing. This option is called ‘Pub Quiz for Business’. This quiz is not one that we present ourselves, but you are, somebody from the organization, or from the acquaintance circle who is interested in doing such a thing and think it would be fun.

Pub Quiz for Business is always available

This option costs 300 euro (exclusive of VAT) and can always be played. In the video below you can see which rounds and questions you’ll buy. Alongside of the quiz and a leaflet with instructions, you will also have a chat with Sam in which she explains the finer details on how to organize and present the quiz in front of your organization. You’ll need to use 2 devices for this quiz, which will be explained to you during this chat, as well.

You can choose between a quiz with 6 or 9 rounds in the web shop. There you can purchase the quiz allowing you access to it for 7 days, so that you have all the time you need to prepare properly.

Pub Quiz for Business

Agenda 2021

2 december | NN-Group

6 december | Libra net

15 december | Schiphol Airport (in option)

16 december | Rabo Bank

16 december | Aedes

17 december | HD Group (in option)

20 december | Den Hague

21 december | Department of Justice & Security

21 december | LUMC

21 december | AOB (in option)

6 januari | HVO Querido (in option)

Sam, with her experience, enthusiasm and excellent organizational skills, offered us a great Pub Quiz event! To be honest: it was even above our expectations. With the tools she uses, she creates the perfect ambiance and atmosphere for having a wonderful event.

The Pub Quiz box with goodies was also perfectly arranged by her.
Thank you very much Sam!

Jacqueline (Qorvo)


I work for the social enterprise Dignita and we have 3 restaurants. 2020 has been a really difficult year of course and our employees haven’t seen much of each other because of the lockdowns. Sam’s Pub Quiz online was the only real team activity we were able to do this year and it was amazing! Everyone had so much fun and it worked really well on Zoom where you could see so many colleagues at the same time. We even had colleagues abroad joining in.
Sam was very professional and made the Christmas Pub Quiz very entertaining. She noticed the many different people on the call and kept everyone involved. I would highly recommend her online Pub Quiz to anyone.

Ira Onderwater

Whether for business or pleasure, with Sam’s Pub Quiz you really get something unique! Her questions are original and varied, so that each team member can shine with his or her own knowledge and skills. Sam guides the quiz beautifully and uses her personality to create a cozy, friendly and loose atmosphere. But … it’s still a competition, as you’ll feel when Sam names your team the winner ;). Highly recommended!

Kees Koenen

The face behind Sam’s Pub Quiz


Welcome, I am Sam. I’m delighted to see you’ve come to my site Sam’s Pub Quiz.

Ever since I was a kid I adored playing games and then in 2015 my dreams became a reality. I create (team-building) quizzes with questions and answers tailored to the participants. I love to see how people truly connect during the quiz. Without any phones and a beverage in hand, the woohoo’s, yesses and I-told-you-so’s filling the room after every question. Highfives shared after a brilliant answer and the hard laughter from a wrong one. I also create a new topical quiz monthly that I present to catering establishments throughout the Netherlands. I’m proud to say that Sam’s Pub Quiz can guarantee an afternoon or evening filled with delight and that the personalized quiz about the attendees is seen as the best company outing ever by my clients.

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